About Us

Taverna - tuh-vur-nuh - noun
From the Latin, tabérna, a small café or restaurant serving Greek cuisine. Where Greek culture has spread, the taverna is tradition never far behind. To this day it remains the stage where all the best of life performs together. Friends and family, fine, fresh foods, or the pleasure of a drink, we strive daily to uphold these simple ideals. Coupled with a upbeat atmosphere filled with service and spontenatiy, we think you'll agree that Taverna might be a tradition worth making your own.


Taverna Greek Grill is founded on two things; the genuine, open character native to Greek culture and plain good business. Our goal is to foster community, within and without, and we make it a point to consider the to benefits to be shared.

- Every meal is made fresh daily, ingredients being purchased from local growers whenever possible.

- Charity and business oriented events are a common sight throughout the year.

- We focus on service and employee stability. This translates into a mutually positive experience for all.

- Each store is locally owned and operated. creating a personalized atmosphere.